Welcome To Drazmira

Summaries Of The Campaign

Greetings all,

This will be the home of our campaign. I’ll post a summary of the last session here after every game so that we can keep up with plot developments, session rewards, and events. I look forward to seeing everyone on the first game day, July 12th. we will , of course, still meet and play on OpenRPG. This, however, well serve as a way for us to keep in contact without worrying about being booted from the OpenRPG forums.

Sincerely, Christo


This is my first time using Obsidian Portal. I like it so far. If after the first 2 months of play we are all still into the campaign and like playing with each other i may be willing to pay the monthly charge so we can use the forum feature and so i can post more then one map.

Welcome To Drazmira

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